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Magnescale DK800S Series

The Magnescale DK800S series and the DK probes are the most popular probes that Magnescale offers.

The DK805S has a 5MM travel and DK812S has a 12MM travel. They both have an 8mm body diameter and are available in various configurations. These configurations include spring push or pneumatic push, and straight or right angle cable exit. These DK800S probes have a flange option that is available. Measurement Technologies recommends the flange version because it eliminates any damage when mounting the probe.

In addition, the Magnescale DK800S series has a 30mm stroke version available. It is extremely accurate and comes in a straight, right angle with spring push, The DK830 series also comes with a pneumatic push version. (DK830SVR)

All DK800S Series Probes are compatible with the MG80 interface module. These modules give the user the option to hook up all DK probes via Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, EtherCat or RS232.

Along with the MG80, Magnescale LT30 Displays are made to take in the DK800S series probes. LT30 come in 1 or 2 axis and ideal for panel mounting..

Magnescale DK Probe Catalog

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