Heidenhain is the world-leading manufacturer of linear, rotary, and angle encoders. In addition, they provide CNC controls, touch probes, digital readouts, length gages and metrology displays. Their products help companies that require high-level precision and reliability compete in this global economy.

For more than 125 years, HEIDENHAIN has delivered precision measurement and motion control solutions. Their products are behind the machines and devices that move us forward. Products that enable everything from improved manufacturing processes to safer, more reliable medical diagnostics. They strive to perfect the delicate balance of cutting-edge technology with universal compatibility.

HEIDENHAIN continues to make improvements in its product line every day. These products provide solutions in the following industries: Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Quality Control, Automation, Medical, Machine Tool ….
These products include Linear Encoders, Angle Encoders, Rotary Encoders, Length Gages, Gaging Display and CNC Controls

The more popular Heidenhain Linear Encoders are the LC183, LC185, LC193F, LC195F or the LC483, LC485, LC493F and the LC495F.

The more popular Length gauges are the Specto series.  We provide numerous ST 1278 in the right angle and straight versions.

As far as Gaging displays the Gage-Chek is very popular for multiple probe applications.  They support numerous type of probes, Half-Bridge, LVDT, TTL and other brands such as Solartron

So if you have an application that requires durability, reliability, and accuracy then look no further than Heidenhain. They have been in this market and their engineers have seen just about every application imaginable. So, make the right decision and give us a call at (313) 640-8080 to see how we can help you come up with the right solution.