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Heidenhain Length Gauges, Stands and Accessories

Heidenhain length gauges or gauging probes come in different strokes, outputs, cable configuration, and plunger movement. There are four different series of probes that Heidenhain offers.

The first option Heidenhain offers are the ACANTO length gauges are an absolute gage in which the value is available as soon as the unit is turned on. There will be no counting error or no need to reference the probe. The Acanto gauge knows where it is at all the time, even if power is turned off. This gauge comes is 12MM and 30MM strokes. The accuracy on the 12MM is ±1um and ±2um on the 30MM gauges.

The second option that Heidenhain offers is the SPECTO length gauges. The SPECTO gauge come in 12MM and 30MM strokes. These probe offers either TTL, 1Vpp, 11uApp outputs. They also come with a cable exit that is straight or right angle. The other option that is available is how the plunger actuates, you have the option of extended by air or extended by spring force. The SPECTO gauges have an accuracy of ±1um.

The next option is the METRO length gauges. The METRO gauges come in 12MM, 25MM, 60MM and 100MM strokes. The MT60 and MT101 gauges only come in 11uApp signal, where as the shorter probes have different outputs. The accuracy of the 12MM and 25MM stroke gauges are ±0.2um. On the 60MM gauge the accuracy is ±0.5um and on the 100MM the accuracy is ±1.0um.

The last option is the CERTO length gages. The CERTO gauges come in 25MM or 60MM strokes. The output is a 11uApp signal. The CERTO gauges have a ±0.1um accuracy.

Finally, there are several accessories for the Heidenhain Length gauges, such as gauge stands, displays, and various probe tips that are available. Check out the latest Heidenhain Gauging Catalog.