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For nearly 50 years Acu-Rite has manufactured the finest quality digital readouts, precision glass scales, and CNC controls.

In 2016 Acu-Rite introduced their latest CNC Control the MILLPWR G2. This control can turn about any knee or bed mill into a productive CNC machine. The MILLPWR G2 is powerful enough to handle any job, while at the same time easy enough for anyone to program.

The MILLPWR G2 replaced the MILLPWR MP2. However, if you have the MP2 CNC Control and need parts or a repair Measurement Technologies can help you out. We stock the most common parts and know the MILLPWR MP2 that we can keep you MILLPWR MP2 running for years to come.

Then in 2018 Acu-Rite came out with their latest Digital Readouts that have a 7” TFT Color display with features like the Dynamic Zoom/Axis Highlight. The NEW DRO 100, DRO 203 and DRO 300 series replaced the Acu-rite VUE, the 200S and the 300S. These NEW displays offer a wide range of features, from a simple 1-Axis display to a 4-Axis display that have features for lathe or mill applications.

Acu-Rite offers Digital Readouts packages for Mills, Lathes, or Grinders. These packages come in various sizes and resolutions to make help choosing a package very easy depending on your application.

All packages include a bracket kit for your knee mill, lathe, and grinder for the popular brands of manual machines. These brackets make it easy to install for the customer. Rather than having a universal bracket kit that will require modification.

Acu-Rite offers a broad range of products designed and manufactured in Schaumburg, IL USA. MADE IN THE USA