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Acu-Rite Linear Scales - SENC Series

Acu-Rite scales are the ideal linear scale for a variety of applications due to their compact and robust design. Acu-Rite scales, such as the Acu-Rite SENC 150, are great for retrofitting mills, lathes, and grinders and give you various mounting options. We offer from 2” – 120” of travel on SENC150 series Acu-Rite scales.

Need to know what scale you have? Check the ID on the label on the scale.

Example: Below is a SENC 150 13.0″ scale with ID 558115-13

Acu-Rite SENC 150 scale

The Acu-Rite SENC 150 comes in (3) resolutions, 0.5 um, 1.0 um, and 5.0 um. The best way to determine the resolution of the scale is by the part number. So, if you are looking for the part number of the Acu-Rite Linear Scale, which for the Acu-Rite SENC 150 is 558XXX-XX. The -XX is the length of the scale.

Need help finding the correct Acu-Rite scale? Contact our team or request a quote for a linear scale from Acu-Rite today.