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Fagor Digital Readouts

Fagor Automation’s digital readouts offer advanced features, designed to optimize the performance of lathes, milling machines, boring mills, and grinders. Fagor offers DRO’s with 1-4 axes depending on what will best suite your needs. With 4 different series depending on what input they are used for Fagor Automation has a Digital Readout for everyone.

Fagor M series is used for milling and boring machines. With the option of 2-4 axes and the connection of angular encoders. For the 40i (P) there is 1 Vpp signal monitoring. Number of references vary from 20 to 100. The M series is used for bolt hole drilling, linear drilling, and part centering cycles.  These DRO’s can also be used for angular measuring.

Fagor T series are used with lathes and have the option of 2-4 axes. For the 40i (TS) there can be a 1Vpp or SSI encoder input. These DRO’s are designed for taper calculations.

Fagor E series are designed to work with EDM and grinders. With the option of 1-3 axes and connection to TTL encoders only. All E series DRO’s have a reference number of 20. These DRO’s are designed for part centering cycles and EDM mode.

Fagor General series is for general purpose applications. With 1-3 axes that work with angular and incremental encoders. These DRO’s are designed to for part centering cycles.