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Heidenhain Gauging Packages

Heidenhain is the world leader in manufacturing of linear, rotary, and angle encoders. Heidenhain manufactures high quality gauges, gauge stands, and displays. All together these products are the best for all of your measurement needs. Heidenhain offers 4 different models of length gauges along with different gauge stands to mount those gauges.

Along with the gauges and stands Heidenhain produces top of the line digital displays (gage-cheks) to read out the measurements that are provided. These gage-cheks come in 1, 4, and 8 axes displays. They are capable of numerous types of digital probes. Along with the new Gage-Chek 2000 series, Measurement Technologies has several of the old Gage-Cheks in stock and have the capability to obtain versions of the older models.

The Heidenhain Gauging package will also have all of the needed accessories. Other accessories will be sold separately.

Measurement Technologies has put together a Heidenhain Gauging package that allows customers to purchase a length gauge, gauge stand, and display all in one. This package makes it much easier on the customer to figure out what will fit all of their measurement needs.