Heidenhain Certo Package (CT 6001)


Heidenhain Certo Gauging Package – 0.1um accuracy, 60mm travel, and 11uApp output

Part Name:                                                  ID:
CT 6001                                       653229-01
CS 200                                         221310-01
Holder for CS 200                     324391-01
SG 60M Switch Box                  317436-02
ND 287 (DRO)                           636287-01
Cable Adapter                         677546-01

Diaphragm Pump                    754220-02
Ceramic Suction Plate            223100-01

Heidenhain Certo Gauges are high accuracy and highly repeatable gauges. These gauges have accuracy and repeatability down to 0.03um. With large measuring ranges and very high quality, well matched, ball bearing guides. This gauging package has all the best parts needed to have a highly accurate, consistent, and precise measuring system.

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Heidenhain Length Gauge Datasheet