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Heidenhain Certo Length Gauges

Heidenhain Certo

Heidenhain Certo Length Gauges come in 25MM or 60MM strokes. The output is a 11uApp signal. Heidenhain Certo gauges  have been equipped with a ball-bush guide. Some or the basic properties of the ball-bush guide are:

· Low friction, which makes versions of length gauges with reduced gauging force possible

· Safe plunger extension and retraction even with high radial force

· High precision of the measuring loop thanks to a guide that is free of play (the bearing and plunger are specifically fitted during manufacturing)

Heidenhain Certo Length Gauges (CT 2501 AND CT 6001) feature an integral motor that moves the plunger. Required is a switch box, SG 25M OR SG 60M, which is connected to the gauge where it can be operated up and down through the push of a button or over the connection of external actuation. Plungers cannot be moved by hand if the switch box is connected. The gauging force of these motorized length gauges is adjustable in three stages through the switch box. The force remains constant over the measuring range but depends on the operating orientation.

Heidenhain CT 2502 and CT 6002 length gauge plungers are extended by gravity. These plungers are freely movable. For position measurement, the plunger has an option to be connected with a coupling moving machine element (ID 206310-01). The force needed to move the plunder is specified as the required moving force, which is dependent on the operating orientation.

Operating Orientation: CT 2501/CT 6001

· Downward: 0.85 N/1.0 N/1.45 N

· Upward: -/-/0.55 N

· Horizontal: -/0.55 N/1.0 N

Moving Force: CT 2502/CT 6002

· Downward: 0.45 N

· Upward: 0.55 N

· Horizontal: 0.15 N

Mounting: The CT 6000 length gauges are fastened by two screws onto a plane surface. This ensures a mechanically stable installation of these large length gauges.  The CT 2500 is mounted by its standard clamping shank with 16h8 diameter. A holder is available for fastening the Certo length gauges to the gauge stand. These gauges can be mounted at any attitude, but mounting with a horizontal length gauge and upward facing mounting surfaced should be avoided due to the lack of accuracy in said position.

Thermal Dynamics: Heidenhain length  gauges have a defined thermal behavior. Since temperatures can vary during the measurement process and possibly cause a measuring loop, Heidenhain uses special low coefficient of expansion material for the components of the measuring loop.

Repeatability: The repeatability of over a measuring range is often pivotal to the overall measuring process. Accuracy is very important over the process, but a gauge must also be able to repeat measurements many times over again. The repeatability of length gauges is often better than stated by Heidenhain. Repeatability depends on three things: combination of materials used in the components, installed electronics, optomechanics used, and the bearing of the plunger.  The repeatability for the CT 2500 and CT 6000 are as followed respectively 0.02 um and 0.03 um.