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Magnescale DL-B Probes

The Magnescale DL-B Probes are slim compact gauges. Their compact design is ideal for designing and incorporating into machines. These gauges have excellent resistance to workshop conditions like dust and vibration (DL310B: IP64). The DL-B can hook-up to a LT20A, along with any module that takes an A/B phase output by open collector.

Magnescale DL-B Probes have two different measuring ranges, 10 mm (DL310B) and 30 mm (DL330B). Both of these have an accuracy of ± 5 μm. With a fast max response speed of 120 m/min. A 3 mm diameter carbide ball feeler tip comes stock with the probe and a M2.5 x 0.45 thread. The mounting area for the gauge is 8 mm in diameter.

On the DL310B bellows and an air lift joint come stock.

There are optional accessories that can be purchased. Those include a bellows set for the DL330B (DZ301). A roller feeler (DZ-100). Coupling (DZ-191)