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Magnescale DT Probes

Magnescale DT series probes are truly a digital probe.  They require no calibration for the entire life of the probe.  The Magnescale DT series comes in 12MM (DT12/512) and 32MM (DT32) sizes.

The DT12 series comes primarily in a spring push version, but a pneumatic version is possible with the (DZ176) accessory. However, the DT32 series is available in both a spring push and pneumatic push version. Protective bellows are optional on both these models. The accuracy of the DT12 and DT32 models is ± 5.0um.

The DT512 series probes come with or without bellows and in a spring push version, but can also be converted to pneumatic push with the (DZ176) accessory. The accuracy of the DT512 series is ± 3.0um.

The DT series has excellent resistance to oil, water, dust, vibration, shock, and all other workshop conditions. This resistance is equivalent to an IP64 grading in the DT/P series only.

Magnescale DT probes all come with a steel ball tip feeler with a diameter of 3mm, M2.5 x 0.45 thread.

The DT12/32 series is compatible with the LT10A display. The LT10A display gives out a 0.0002″ resolution with the capability of 1-2 input channels.

The DT512 series can be hooked up to the LT11A display. The LT11A gives out a 0.0001″ resolution with the capability of 1-2 input channels.

The Magnescale DT series probe is plugs directly into a LT series display that gives out RS232, BCD or just a (GO/NO GO) signal. There are also interface modules that are available for the DT series. The MT13 interpolator will be needed for the DT probes to be connected to the MG80 module system if you want to connect several probes at once. The MT14 interpolator can be used to connect the gauge to any generic A/B phase counter. If you want the measurements from the DT32 or DT512 to be sent directly to the computer you will need the optional MT30 connector which is hooked up via USB.