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Magnescale Gauging Displays

Magnescale offers several digital gauging displays depending on the type of probe that you are using and what type of output that you require. Each series of display offers 1 or 2 axis input with the following output options: GO/NO GO, RS232 or BCD. All of the Magnescale LT Series displays are panel mountable. The resolution of the display is dependent on which probe you chose.

The Magnescale LT10A series displays are compatible with the DT12 or DT32 series probes.

If you are considering going with the DT512 probes then the Magnescale LT11A series displays is the display that you would choose.

The LT20A series by Magnescale is compatible with the DG series probes or the DK series probe with a DZ262 adapter.

If you have need a display for a DK series probes then the Magnescale LT30 series display to choose.

In addition to the LT Series display Magnescale also offers the LY series gauging displays that are available. The LY71 display is a 1-2 axis display with the option of LZ71-B BCD output board. You also have the option of LZ71-KR comparator function board for the LY71. The LY72 display is a 1-3 axis display with RS232 Output.

If none of these displays meet your needs then give us a call discuss other options that we might have for your application.