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Magnescale Interface Units

Magnescale Interface units allow the expansion of the number of digital gauge input channels into to other modules.

The Magnescale MG41/MG42 series of interface modules are a new measurement system that integrates the functions of a counter into the gauge. The response speed is 20 times quicker than the previous Magnescale interface modules.

Magnescale MG10A and MG20A interfaces are flexible digital gauge systems for multi-point measuring by allowing multiple gauges to measure at once. These interfaces can expand the of axes from 1 to 16 different gauging channels, and up to 64 channels can be connected by link connection.

The NEW Magnescale MG80 Interface Modules allow you to hook-up 64, 255, and 65,535 gauges (depending on the model). The Magnescale DK800SDK, and DT series gauges can be hooked-up via EtherNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, and PROFINET to a PC or PLC.

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