Magnescale (formerly Sony Magnescale) Digital Probes have been manufactured since the early 1970s. They are truly a digital probe and need no calibration. The Magnescale probes have evolved over the years, however their robust design holds up in some of the harshest environments. Magnescale probes come in strokes of 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 50mm, 100mm, 155mm and 205mm. Depending on the probe they come in a 8mm body diameter, 20mm or 32mm diameter.

The Magnescale DG probes were the 1st generation of Magnescale probes and are still available in 20mm body diameter. The signal of the Magnescale DG probe is a Magnescale signal that can either go into a display, detector or PLC depending on which DG probe you need.

The Magnescale DK probes are the latest generation of probes and come in 8mm or 20mm body diameter. The signal from the DK probes is an AB quadrature signal (encoder signal) that can plug into a display (LT30), a Magnescale input module (MG80) or directly into a PLC that can handle the quadrature signal. The Magnescale DK probes come in 1.0um, 0.5um and 0.1um.

The Magnescale DT probes are an inexpensive digital probe that comes in a 12mm or 32mm stroke. The DT series can plug into a display (LT10A), a Magnescale MT interface module that gives you an AB quadrature signal, or a Magnescale input module to can interface with a PLC.

The Magnescale DL-B probes come in a 10mm or 30mm stroke. The DL-B series can go into a display (LT20A) or directly into a PLC that can handle an open collector signal.