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Magnescale DF Digital Probe

The Magnescale DF Digital Probes have a slim shape with a stem diameter of 8mm and high durability ball spline bearing. With such a slim diameter the DF series also comes with the option of a flange. This flange will make installation easier, due to the much lower probability of the gauge breaking or bending.

The DF Probes come measuring ranges of 5mm, 12mm, and 30mm. Most commonly sold are the 5mm and 12mm ranges. Both of these ranges come in spring and spring/vacuum push. The 12mm probe also comes in a pneumatic (air) push option.

The DF probes have a 1.0 um accuracy throughout the 5 and 12mm measuring ranges. The feeler of the probe is a carbide ball tip with a mounting screw M2.5.

The Magnescale DF digital probe has high resolution. With being slim and compact the gauge delivers a 0.1 micron maximum resolution.