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Magnescale LT10A Displays

The Magnescale LT10A displays come in 1 or 2 Axis.  This series is made to take in the Magnescale DT12 and DT32 series digital probes.

The compact design (DIN Standard) 72mm x 72mm makes it ideal for panel mounting.

The Magnescale LT10A displays have selectable resolutions of 5 or 10um. If you need to display in inches, 0.0002″, or 0.0005″ are available.

In addition, GO/NO-GO output is standard on all models of the LT10A series. The LT10A is also available in BCD and RS-232C Output. The LT10A has the option to measure the current value, the maximum and minimum values, and peak-to-peak values. In addition, the 2-Axis display has an Add/Subtract feature that is standard on these units.

The LT10A BCD series comes with up to 4 different comparator upper and lower limit settings. While the RS232C output version has 1 setting available.

Some of the other standard features on the display are reset, preset, high, go, and lower limit lights.