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Heidenhain LB 382 Linear Encoder

The Heidenhain LB 382 Linear Encoder come in two different options. A single-section housing consists of one scale, and a multi-section housing from joining together multiple scales. Both of these options come with a METALLUR steel scale tape, and a grating period of 40 um.

Multiple housing section sections can be joined together to form long measuring lengths. A steel scale tap is drawn through them and secured to the machine bed at both ends o the encoder. Due to the design, scanning is performed with the housing at the neutral range of tilt, thus preventing inaccuracy at the section joints.

The Heidenhain LB 382 Linear Encoder can be up to 3 meters long with a single-section housing and up to 72 meters long with multi-section housing. In all lengths, the LB 382 features excellent dynamic performance, high reliability, and high accuracy across its entire measuring length.

The Heidenhain LB 382 single housing can come in lengths from 440-3040 mm. Both single and multiple housing have the same accuracy, grating period, cable length, interface, and traversing speed. The accuracy is ± 5 um. A maximum cable length of 150 m. A maximum speed of 120 m/min. And a 1 Vpp interface.

A Heidenhain LB 382 sealed linear encoder fulfills the requirements for IP53 protection provided that they are sealed and mounted with the lips facing away from splashed water. If the encoder is exposed to concentrations of coolant or mist a protective cover should be used, or sealing air can be used to provide IP64 protection to more effectively prevent the ingress of contamination. This can be achieved with a DA 400 compressed air unit.