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Heidenhain RON 200 Series Angle Encoders

The Heidenhain RON 200 Angle Encoders are provided in TTL or 1Vpp output with ±5″ accuracy and ±2.5″ accuracy for RON 287 version. Heidenhain Angle Encoders are used when requiring precision for accuracy within several arch seconds for angular measurements. All RON series have a hollow through shaft for axial clamping, diameter is 20mm.

Heidenhain Angle Encoders with integral bearing, hollow shaft, and stator coupling. Because the design and mounting of the stator coupling, it must absorb only that torque caused by friction in the bearing, particularly during angular acceleration of the shaft. These angle encoders therefore provide excellent dynamic performance. Thanks to the stator coupling, the system accuracy includes the error of the shaft coupling.

The  RON 200 Angle Encoders have an integrated stator coupling, whereas the ECN has a stator coupling mounted on the outside. Other advantages: compact size for limited installation space. Hollow shaft diameters up to 100mm to provide space for power, etc. Simple installation. Versions with functional safety available on request.

The Heidenhain RON 200 Angle Encoders comes in the options of RON 225, RON 275, RON 285 and the RON 287 series Incremental angle encoder with integral bearing and integrated stator coupling. The line counts for the RON 225 is 9000 and on the RON 275, RON 285 and the RON 287 is 18000 line count.  In addition, the RON 200 series offers one reference mark or RON 2xxC is distance coded.