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Heidenhain Incremental Angle Encoders

Heidenhain Incremental Encoders are highly accurate systems with an integral bearing that are ideal for applications such as machine tools and printing machines.

Heidenhain Modular Encoders are with optical or magnetic scanning that come in a combination of circular scale or scale drum and scanning head.

Heidenhain ROD 200 series incremental angle encoders are built with a compact design. They have a system accuracy down to ±5″. Built with a 10mm diameter solid shaft, for separate shaft coupling. These encoders have a signal period of up to 180,000 per revolution. You have the options of a 1, 3, or 5 meter cable depending on the part number ordered. The output signal options are TTL or 1 Vpp.

Heidenhain ERA 4000 series incremental optic angle encoder have a very high accuracy and excellent signal quality. With graduation accuracy of ±1.7″ to ±5″, and signal periods of 3000 to 52,000. These encoders have grating period options of 20, 40, or 80um.

Heidenhain ERM 2000 series incremental angle encoders with magnetic scanning are modular angle encoders. These encoders have a graduation accuracy of ±2.5″ to ±72″, with signal periods from 1024 to 7000. The 2000 series have interface options of 1 Vpp, TTL, or EnDat2.2.