Magnescale MG80-NE


Magnescale MG80-NE Ethernet Interface Module (TCP/IP)

No of Magnescale Probes per Unit: (16) MG80-CM Counter Modules

No of Magnescale MG80-NE: (4) units, so the total number of Probes is (64)

Compatible Probes: Magnescale DK800S Series, DK10, DK25, DK50, DK100, DK155, DK205

Output: Ethernet 100Base-TX (compliant with IEEE 802.3)

Resolution: 0.1uM to 10uM, dependent on the type of Magnescale probe

Functions: Reference Point Setting, Reset, Preset, Master Preset

Output Values: Current Value/Maximum Value/Minimum Value/P-P Value Output of each axis

Calculation Function: (2-Axis Addition and Subtraction)

Comparator Function: Up to (8) Sets of 2 or 4 steps can be set

Mounting Method: 35mm DIN rail

Supply Voltage: DC 10.8 to 26.4 Volts

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Magnescale MG80 Interface Module Datasheet

Magnescale MG80-NE Manual