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Heidenhain GAGE-CHEK

Heidenhain GAGE-CHEK display is available in 1, 4, or 8 axes. It is capable of measuring numerous types of LVDTs or digital probes. This display came from the purchase of the Metronics Corporation, by Heidenhain in 1986. At that time Metronics was the most respected metrology digital readout company in the country. The purchase was yet another complement to HEIDENHAIN’s commitment to bring the best products under the Heidenhain name.

Over the years, the part numbers varied from Metronics or Heidenhain GC140 or GC180 to ND2101, ND2104 or ND2108.

In 2020, Heidenhain announced the new Gage-Chek 2000 series, however this system will only take Heidenhain length gauges and it is limited in the math functions.

However, Measurement Technologies has several versions of the old Gage-Cheks in stock and we do still have the capability to get certain versions of the old unit.

Finally, Measurement Technologies can offer to repair your Gage-Chek, we have various spare parts to keep your old system running for years to come.

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