Magnescale DK100NR5


Magnescale DK100NR5 100mm Stroke Probe w/Light Spring Push, 20mm robust probe diameter, 0.5um resolution, 4.0um Accuracy and A/B Quad Output

Travel (100mm)
Body Style (Straight)
Probe Spindle Movement (Spring Push – Light Force)
Body Diameter (20mm)
A/B Quadrature output (EIA-422 Line Driver)
Accuracy (4.0um)
Resolution (0.5um)
Response speed (250m/min)
Protection (IP64)
Power requirements (5vdc @ 350mA)
Cable Length (2 meters)
Optional extension cables CE22, CE08, CE27 & CKT Series

NOTE: The Magnescale DK100NR5 is compatible with MG80 and MG10/20 Interface Modules and LT30 Display

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Magnescale DK100NR5 Datasheet

Magnescale DK100NR5 Manual