Heidenhain 375134-02 (ST 3078)


Heidenhain 375134-02 (ST 3078) Specto 30mm Right Angle Probe with 1.0 um Accuracy, extended by spring and TTL 10-fold interpolation Output

Travel (30mm)

Cable Outlet (Right Angle)

Plunger movement (extended by spring)

Type of guide (ball guide)

Reference mark (5mm)

Electrical connection (15-pin male D-Sub)

TTL Output w/10-fold interpolation

Max. Frequency (100 kHz)

Signal period (2.000um)

Accuracy (1.0um)

Protection (IP64)

Power requirements (5V ± 10%)

Cable Length (1.5 meters)

Sample of Heidenhain Gauging Applications

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Heidenhain ST3078 Datasheet