Magnescale GB-125ERT05 (SR138-125R)


Magnescale GB-125ERT05 (SR138-125R) 1250mm (49.2″) w/12″ pigtail and round 10-pin connector and 16′ cable assembly

Travel (1250mm or 49.2″)
Built-In Marker Pulse (Center)
Accuracy (± 5um)
Resolution (0.5um)
Response speed (60m/min)
Cable Length (5 meters)
Scale Output (A/B/Z Quadrature)

The Magnescale GB-125ERT05 (SR138-125R) scale will plug directly into Magnescale LH70 displays. In addition, this scale can plug into a Magnescale LH51/LH52 or LG10 with the use of a CE30 Adapter cable and SZ51-AB01

Magnescale Connection Chart – (Scales to Displays)

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Magnescale GB-125ER (SR138-125R) Datasheet w/Dimensions