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Anilam ENC125 Linear Encoders

The Anilam ENC125 Linear Encoders are precision glass scales that provide high accuracy and reliability similar to an Acu-Rite Encoder. The ENC Scales are designed for milling and turning operations. These scales have resolutions or 5um and 10um with an accuracy grade of ±10um/1000mm. Measuring lengths range from 100mm (4″) to 3050mm (120″) for the T series scales. For the E series scales the measuring range is 100mm (4″) to 1525mm (60″). A reading head and 13″ (4 meter) braided cable comes standard with with all Encoders with a measuring length of 42″ and less. For everything over 42″ in measuring length there is a 19″ (6 meter) braided cable. The T series is a top bracket mounting scale. While the E series is an end mounted bracket(s) scale. Contact Measurement Technologies to see options for either replacing or repairing you Anilam ENC125 Linear Encoders!