Magnescale LY71


Magnescale LY71 1 or 2-Axis Gauging Display

Number of Axis:  1 or 2

Display Data: Current, maximum, minimum, and peak-to-peak values

Input Signal: DK Probes

Display Resolution: 0.000005″, 0.00001″, 0.00005″, 0.0002″, 0.0005″

Reset: Current value reset, alarm cancel

Restart: restart of peak value calculation for each axis/all axes

Preset: It is possible to store/edit up to 3 values for each axis

Scaling Factor: 0.100000 to 9.99999

Various outputs are enabled by mounting extension boards, BCD Output (Option), Comparator Function: relay/open-collector (option)

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Magnescale LY71 Datasheet w/Features