Magnescale LT30-2GB


Magnescale LT30-2GB 2-Axis Display with Go/No Go output and BCD Output

# of Axis: 2

Output: Go/No Go and BCD (Up to 4 values can be set for comparator)

Resolution: 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10um

Functions: Reset (Key on Display or External Input (I/O)

Preset (Key on Display, Recalled w/Reset Key)

Comparator (Three – Level comparator value set

with keys on front panel, result

evaluation: LED and I/O output)

Peak Hold (Max, Min, Peak-to-Peak)

Power: 10.8-26.4 VDC

Compatible Probes: DK Series

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Sony LT30-2GB Datasheet

Sony Magnescale LT30-2GB Manual