Heidenhain 689696-60 (LC 185)

Heidenhain 689696-60 (LC 185) 1040mm Absolute Linear encoder, 3 scanning units, 3.0um Accuracy, 1Vpp, data interface: EnDat02 Synchronous and 3.6 to 14V

Measuring length (1040mm)

Accuracy  (3.0um)

Grating period (20.000um)

Measuring step (5.000nm)

Data interface (EnDat 02 Synchronous serial, EnDat 2.2 w/incremental signal)

Electrical connection (Flange socket, male, 14-pin male)

Output (1Vpp)

Power Requirements (3.6 to 14V)

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Heidenhain LC185 Datasheet