Heidenhain 653248-01 (MT 101K)


Heidenhain 653248-01 (MT 101K) 100mm Straight Length Gage, plunger movement is by gravity, w/1.0um Accuracy, and 11 uApp Output

Travel (100mm)

Plunger movement(by gravity)

Accuracy (1.0um)

Reference mark (10mm)

Electrical connection (15-pin D-Sub connector)

Output (11 uApp)

Power Requirement (5V)

Protection (IP50)

Cable length (1.5m)

The Heidenhain MT101K is compatible with either the Heidenhain ND280 or ND287 display. The ND287 has more features than the ND280.

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Heidenhain MT101M Datasheet